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Oi Bonita! Are you ready to reclaim your beauty?     Experience BeBonita Live in Philly or Online.


After being asked what's in Viviane's makeup bag, we’re proud to share our Beauty Bag Must Haves containing a list of what is included in her everyday bag, gym bag and more.

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Viviane Aires of BeBonita

About Viviane Aires

I'm Viviane Aires and I'm a beauty consultant and certified makeup artist. I've been sharing my beauty, makeup, and skincare approaches for 14 years and counting. My passion is teaching women how to create makeup looks based on their personality and natural beauty. In other words, when you and I work together, your look will be based on you and you alone.

Why did I decide to create BeBonita? It all started in  Bahia, Brazil, which is where I was born and raised. I remember my mother always wore her red lipstick before going anywhere. It was her look, her way of feeling her best and strongest. She would say "You are beautiful. Walk and talk like you know it." Even though I live in Philly now, I hold those memories of my mother and her red lips deep in my heart, and it's what made me realize that all women have their own personal brand of beauty. Let's create your brand of beauty together!