Are you struggling to keep you lipstick on???

In this video I show you how.


  1. Viviane I just would like to send out a big thank you for changing my look by pulling my beauty out of me. Vivian was very patient and worked at my paste. I shared a story with Vivian about how I was always planning events and hosting many; by the time it came to the day of the event I never had time for me. Or I think I really didn’t have the know how for me. Well Vivian took me by the hand and guided me from the outfit (actually went shopping with me), to the make up….all the way to the hair style. I learned so much from that experience and now I am a fifty and fabulous beauty. Thank you so much, love you always Debbie Jackson, Philadelphia, PA

    • Hi Deborah. I’m so grateful to hear that I was able to assist you. Thank you for trusting me.


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