I decided to create Be Bonita Naturals Skincare  because I have learnt over the years, the less you interfere with the skin’s own ability to achieve balance, the better. I’ve taken my love of seed oils, herbs and essential oils, my grandmother’s recipes and my 15 years of skincare studies and experience of what works on the skin, to create a selection of simple super food plant based skincare, that in a very organic way, can change how women and men view their skin. I believe in treating skin conditions and not skin types because, I’m aware that our skin and body change constantly as a consequence of our lifestyle, stress level and travels. The secret of a healthy and beautiful skin is simplicity and consistency. I invite you to dive into a complete sense of Beauty!


I used the detox powder cleanser yesterday-so good! I was skeptical going in that it was too fine to actually exfoliate but you were totally right. My skin was so soft afterward and it didn’t dry or irritate. Also, the Balancing Face Oil  is THE BOMB! I can’t believe how long felt moisturized and less oily. Thank You. Thank You!

Trish Tchume

The Turmeric Body Scrub is the perfect skin soothing concoction. The aroma relaxes me while leaving my skin smooth and moisturized without feeling oily.

Jamila Payne

Founder of Daily Success

Aroma is absolutely perfect. I usually get overwhelmed with potent scents. Ageless Infusions products has natural a relaxing herbal scents that I love. I use the sea salt body scrub about 1-2 times a week. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth without drying. Daily I use the balancing face oil for hydration. This is my absolute favorite product. I love the scent and that it doesn’t leave my skin with that oily, filmy feeling( like I have a layer of oil on my face and have to find some napkin to wipe it off through out the day). The cleansing oil is my saving grace, especially after a night out and I’m too tired to wipe my makeup off, the cleansing oil get the job done! I cannot express enough on how much I really love this product! Thank you so much Viviane for making this product combination that is perfect for my skin! You rock ! 👊🏽


Natural Hair Stylist

I love how clean my skin is after using the Cleansing Oil. It does a great job of cleaning my face and removing makeup. I love how moisturized my skin is with the Balancing Face OIl. I expected it to be oily but it feels soft and moisturized.

Lisa McLee